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Writing a Book: How to Recapture Inspiration and Lost Interest

Reason 1: "Yesterday the writing was great, but today I went to see The Hobbit..."

This is what's called an interrupted appetite. Yesterday you still liked everything and everything was interesting, but the movie/book/situation... And that's it. A new image appeared and captured so that the old story has been relegated to the background. And my hands are itching to start a new one - it's fresher and more interesting than the old one.

What to do?

The best thing is to wait out the impulse. But not to start writing. If the previous story was good and you want to finish it, it is better not to start a new one. As long as it rolls around in my head - think about it, write down the important points and sketch episodes. Impulses tend to come to naught without nourishment. And the nourishment is interest. In a new story, interest is temporary and, as a rule, it passes quickly.

Sooner or later the emotions will dry up, and then you can safely return to the old story. And the new story will either remain a stash - the next stage of work, or will be forgotten altogether.

Another good option: to add a new idea to an old one. To think, rework, and tweak. Then the "tail" will not interfere, and the story on a wave of emotional outbursts will get a second breath.

And some people do my geometry homework practice working on two or three projects at once. While they write one - they write it, interest wears off - they switch to the second story. And then an old story comes to mind - and then comes back. A new idea pops up - they take on it, and then they go back to the second. Or to the first. For some people this way of working suits them, for others it doesn't, but to understand this, you have to try.

In any case, you have to assess the importance of the story in terms of interest. Where it's stronger, that's your inspiration. And where the inspiration is, the work is fun.

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