SafeDNS Internet Security and Parental Control System in Dovado Routers

June 8, 2018


We are very proud and excited to announce that recently Dovado, a Swedish router manufacturer, has released its PRO AC router with an integrated SafeDNS filtering module. Dovado was inspired by the vision of the new internet security paradigm SafeDNS promoted. 


What SafeDNS integration provides

The integration of SafeDNS allows Dovado router users to enjoy opportunities the SafeDNS multi-policy filtering service provides. The best in class service is certified for 3 years straight as Approved Parental Control Product by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab. SafeDNS enables users to: 

  • Filter HTTP and HTTPS sites, a feature unavailable in most routers with inbuilt sites blocking option 

  • Make the web surfing safer by filtering out botnets, malicious and phishing sites

  • Manage web access application-less by applying an individual filtering policy for every device on the network, even for devices behind NAT – an unrivaled feature available with SafeDNS only

  • Protect all web-connected devices behind the router – PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, game consoles, internet of things devices – smart bulb, locks and thermostats, coffee makers, refrigerators etc.

  • Block most of distracting, annoying online ads that sometimes contain inappropriate images and can propagate malware. No more adblock plugins for web browsers, any applications and programs on devices behind the router!

  • Avoid porn and adult-only content on the most popular video hosting site and in search engines by enabling YouTube Restricted Mode and SafeSearch Mode for Google and Bing

  • Enforce necessary internet usage policies by choosing from over 55 content categories limiting online activity of office staff to relevant sites only. Most routers with content filtering options lack a granular per-device filtering.

  • Know who surf to which sites from your network. For that SafeDNS provides detailed stats of internet traffic usage per device – sites visited and blocked, the most popular sites and the content categories these sites are classified into, and much more.

How SafeDNS looks in Dovado router control panel


Router Control Panel
















"Parental Control" tab in the left menu