Why Your Business Must Use Web Filtering

March 1, 2019



What web filtering is

Web filtering is a set of techniques allowing their users to block dangerous, inappropriate and unwanted internet resources. Each technique is based on a specific internet protocol. For example, DNS filtering is based on the DNS (Domain Name System) protocol. DNS filtering is the most reliable and robust technique for blocking malicious and phishing, gross and pornographic sites – any content employers do not need in a work environment.


When you deploy DNS filtering on your corporate network, each DNS query of your network users is analyzed from the point of view of a content category the requested internet resource belongs to. If it belongs to a category, allowed on this network, the DNS query is successfully resolved into the requested site. If anybody tries to access a site from a blocked content category, then this network user is going to see a block page instead of the requested site.


With a DNS filtering solution you can block the entire site, no matter how many web pages it contains. Thus, DNS filtering prevents any possible harm done to its users from malicious and phishing resources, explicit and porn sites, online time wasters – in a word, any unwanted and inappropriate content.


A very important advantage of DNS filtering is that it blocks HTTP/unencrypted sites as well as HTTPS/encrypted ones. Unlike DNS filtering, other filtering techniques require much more resources for blocking encrypted sites. The DNS-based web filtering has no impact on the filter’s performance. This is vital as these encrypted websites now comprise over 70% of all the existing internet resources. The number of the HTTPS sites grows rapidly as encryption improves security.


That’s why choosing a web filtering solution, that can’t block HTTPS websites, renders your attempts to filter the internet pretty much useless. So, do not fall for any marketing tricks of web filtering vendors and make sure the chosen web filter does the job you hire it for. A SafeDNS web filtering solution for business is DNS-based and filters encrypted internet traffic without a hitch.



What your business get with the deployment of web filtering


Cyber security. It goes without saying that dangerous resources should always be filtered out to significantly strengthen your business’s internet security. Malware, phishing, ransomware and cryptomining are difficult to recognize as such. They are often disguised as something innocuous.


No web surfer, however tech savvy he or she is, can know in advance how dangerous this or that internet resource is. A legitimate looking site can infect devices and entire corporate networks with all kinds of malware. It can irreparably damage the OS of business’s devices, steal valuable corporate and personal info entailing financial and reputational losses.


So the web filtering solution you choose should be capable of blocking these cyber threats. SafeDNS is good at it. According to a review by 3-party testers in Australia, SafeDNS is especially good at blocking malicious resources (