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web filtering

Powerful Application, Beautiful Interface

While Friendly WiFi's content filtering and threat protection is powerful enough for networks of any size or complexity, the interface is refreshingly clean and intuitive.





web filtering

Simple to cost with variable
pricing options

Simple, Yet full of Value & features

Cloud based web filtering and threat protection should be easy!


  • Content Filtering
    Enforce your web content filtering policy with flexible filtering rules that put you in control


  • Threat Management
    By using the cloud to stop threats before they happen, we provide effective security at a competitive price


  • Analytics
    Get minute-by-minute statistics from the dashboard, or delve into our powerful reporting for even more insight


  • Global Network
    An engineered and intelligent anycast network with over two dozen points of presence across the globe.


  • Real Time Intellegence
    An industry first - the only content filtering service providing real-time domain categorization

  • Fixed or Variable Pricing
    Simple pricing options based on usage, users, or number of access points

  • Friendly WiFi Certification
    Includes free Friendly WiFi certification for any Public/Guest WiFi networks you operate (Includes 'Safe WiFi' stickers for your venue and inclusion on the Friendly WiFi 'Safe' venue search locator)


Web Filtering by Friendly WiFi is the perfect solution for your business and is the answer to protecting your WiFi networks from known threats.


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All Features


Just because it’s behind the scenes doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be responsive and pleasing to the eye. We’ve lavished attention on the design of your web filter and network security dashboard so you can focus on what matters most. Our service's web-based dashboard gives you a global view of all your networks and statistics with ease, regardless of size, complexity, and your location.

The power and responsiveness of the administrative dashboard is reflected directly on you. Whether you’re in the office or en route to Bora Bora, you can check in on your network usage or tweak your internet policy with the tap of a button.


Our cloud-based internet protection and web filter solution means you can leave the infrastructure to us. No need to worry about your projected headcount five years from now, your estimated network usage during peak hours, or that new satellite office you’re opening up in Japan. We’ve got you covered no matter what the present or future holds.

Our web filtering service has engineered an intelligent, global anycast network with over two dozen points of presence across the globe. This allows us to automatically scale, heal, and route your requests to the most responsive location, guaranteeing 100% uptime. Our DNS servers are faster, smarter, and more reliable than typical ISP DNS servers, which means the entire internet experience will get a welcome speed boost across all your networks.

No matter how much of our vast URL filtering and web security network infrastructure you use, you pay the same flat rate based on your usage. So, put the crystal ball away—we’ve got you covered.

Content Filtering
Our service makes it easy to deploy comprehensive, yet customizable URL filtering and internet blocker policies specifically tailored to your network.

Start building your web content filtering policy by selecting the categories you want to block. Simply tell us what type of websites you want to block - Adult Content, Illegal Content, Streaming Media, Chat & Instant Messaging, Social Networking, etc. - and we’ll do the rest. Our proprietary internet filtering algorithms intelligently categorize sites so you don’t have to constantly maintain a list of blocked sites. You can even enforce Google SafeSearch, YouTube restricted mode, and block uncategorized/unknown sites so nothing slips through the cracks.Web Content Filtering Policies and Categories

While our content categories handle the meat-and-potatoes of your internet policy, our custom whitelists and blacklists take care of the fine details. Combined with the ability to quickly and dynamically assign different policies to different networks on-the-fly, our service gives you the power to curate the exact websites that your users have access to while remaining protected against the most commonly blocked content on the web.


Protect your users and your networks from online security threats by instantly blocking known malicious websites with our web security filtering policies. Protect against command and control (botnet) attacks, malware, phishing, viruses, and other threats simply by applying our security policies. Our threat management technology is constantly updated, and we instantly push that protection down to your networks, so you’re always protected from zero day attacks and new vulnerabilities.


Roaming Clients

Prevent access to unwanted and malicious content on all devices, inside and outside your network. Protect your users no matter where they are.

  • Deny access to tasteless/adult content

  • Keep employees on track by blocking timewasters like Hulu & Netflix

  • Protect off-site company devices from malicious domains

Block Page

Stay on the up and up with your users by notifying them of blocked content with a custom-branded block page. With our service, your block page displays your logo, the name of the blocked site, and a convenient form for submitting an unblock request.

You can create a consistent user experience for all your networks with your company’s logo and system administrator’s contact information, or you can craft a custom block page for each network. our service makes it easy to clearly communicate with your users and manage access requests on a case basis.

Block Page Bypass:

We allow you to give your users a password in order to bypass the blocked page, should you want certain users to be able to bypass the network policy from time to time.


With the click of a button, our service lets you get the big picture or the fine details about your network traffic and web security. Get minute-by-minute usage statistics from the main dashboard, or delve deep into the powerful reporting module for even more insight. Our simple, lightweight graphing and data display allows you to clearly visualize usage patterns and top destinations on each network or across all your networks.

You’ll get cogent reports on all the details that matter:

  • Network Usage - Get details and trends for total requests, queries per second, most active networks, and top requests.

  • Security Report - Quantify the level of protection you’re delivering to your networks and identify the source and frequency of attacks against your networks

  • Billing Report - Estimate the costs of your network protection and content filtering with concrete numbers based on usage

You can tell management that it only took you a few seconds to crunch these numbers if you want. But if you’d rather come off as a data analyst rock star, that’ll be our secret.


An industry first - our service is the only web content filtering service which provides real-time domain categorization.

What does this mean?

If one of your users visits a site that is not contained within our database, we will use our intelligent algorithms to determine what category this unknown site falls into and either allow or deny the request based upon your policy. You even have the ability to enable an "interstitial" page (pictured), which can hold the user at a "categorizing" page until we provide the result, ensuring your network remains as clean and secure as possible.

Dynamic DNS

Another industry exclusive, our service provides support for networks with dynamic IP addresses. Currently, we support Dynamic DNS hostnames from DynDNSDNS-O-MaticNo-IPNamecheapHE TunnelbrokerHE FreeDNSDNS ParkDynu and Free DNS. Simply enter your dynamic hostname into our dashboard and we will seamlessly and transparently process all the updates from your updater client, even through IP changes.


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