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WiFi services in the education sector help to connect millions of staff, pupils and visitors and their devices every day, and a safe user experience should begin at the moment they log in...

This means creating a safe user experience for all by not allowing exposure to the viewing of harmful or illicet content when browsing the internet. 

The education sector (such as schools, colleges, academies and universities) have the ability to register for the Friendly WiFi certification and to display the colourful 'approved' symbol. The Department for Education statutory guidance (Keeping children Safe in Education) advises that schools and colleges should ensure they have appropriate filtering and monitoring systems in place. Becoming Friendly WiFi certified means that after adopting these measures, schools can be independently checked to prove their service blocks access to harmful and inapropriate material.

Does Friendly WiFi certification support my obligations under the latest 2023 DfE guidelines?

A new update to the guidance includes clarification around the roles and responsibilities of education staff in relation to filtering and monitoring, in particluar:

  • identify and assign roles and responsibilities to manage filtering and monitoring systems 

  • review filtering and monitoring provision at least annually

Friendly WiFi can support this through independant certification. We carry out an initial check on your web filtering systems and then review this on an annual basis, which includes any support required in relation to the use of appropriate filtering systems. We also provide access to online tests to check your filters are present.

Friendly WiFi is the government-initiated safe certification standard for public WiFi. The Friendly WiFi symbol tells the WiFi users that the service they are connecting to meets the minimum filtering standards – particularly in areas where children are present. This means we include the education sector and all venues globally (schools, colleges, academies and universities) can apply and proudly display the symbol.


Friendly WiFi has already certified many venues in the education sector, proudly wearing the symbol and providing assurance to their staff, pupils and visitors that the WiFi they are using is safe and protected.

"Becoming certified is simple, we do most of the work and we have helped many organisations in the education sector to make sure their WiFi service meets the required standard and is maintained"

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