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Safe WiFi certification for Businesses, Organisations and Educational Institutions


Becoming Friendly WiFi certified is easy and it shows your WiFi users you care for their safety.


WiFi is everywhere and expected. The Friendly WiFi Approved symbol is a clear mark of difference – proving that you offer the same level of concern for your WiFi users online experience as you do for their wellbeing.


And it’s easy because in many cases your WiFi provider will already filter to a level that can be certified. Where it’s not, we can advise on how to get it fit for Friendly WiFi.


Getting certified means you can display the Friendly WiFi symbol – the safe certification standard for public WiFi – throughout your venue, locations and online.


The symbol provides WiFi users with peace-of-mind by knowing your WiFi is safe to use. You are reassured you’re operating responsibly and protecting young people from the risks of harm that exist online.


Friendly WiFi already work with a huge base of suppliers and outlets. It is fast becoming the standard operating level of service for providers of public and guest WiFi and the one and only symbol the public will look for.


Friendly WiFi – It’s good to know.


Getting 'Safe' certified is easy


The Friendly WiFi team will work with you to approve your service, ensuring it includes the minimum standard of filtering. Don’t worry if it isn’t ready yet, we will advise you on how to get your WiFi to the required standard.


Once approved you will become a Friendly WiFi Approved venue/location, able to display the Friendly WiFi symbol – proving you offer a safe online experience.


You will have access to the Friendly WiFi symbol to use in your marketing and access to promotional point-of-sale materials.

Your WiFi users will also be able to find you on the interactive Friendly Map showing your venue or location is a safe WiFi zone.

Simply click on the Apply now button to complete the online form and we will be in touch to take your application forward.



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Why you should become a Safe certified venue / location


  • Keeping your WiFi users safe online is just as important as providing safe facilities in your venue/location


  • It demonstrates that you’re socially responsible and serious about online safety


  • You can display the Friendly WiFi symbol in your venue/location to show your WiFi users you care and that your WiFi is safe


  • You can feature the Friendly WiFi symbol on your website


  • Your venue/location will be listed on the Friendly WiFi online directory and included in promotional activity


Be part of the world’s first standard in public and guest WiFi safety and show your customers that you are a leader in the quest and journey to keep children and young people safe online.

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