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Our family of Friendly WiFi Approved Partners who offer Web Filtering & Threat Protection services for businesses of all sizes.

We partner with the best providers in the business for Web Filtering services and want to make sure that businesses worldwide have easy access to their solutions.
This is why Friendly WiFi is the place to go - you can trust in us that our chosen selection of Approved Partners are able to offer flexible solutions, which include up to date protection to prevent access to Child Abuse Material, Terrorist Content, Pornography and much more..

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SafeDNS is an expert in content filtering and provides threat protection for networks of any size and complexity. SafeDNS solutions enable businesses and public WiFi owners to block inappropriate content and defend their customers against advanced threats, attacks, botnets, malicious and phishing resources.

Everyday SafeDNS makes the internet safer and creates a more pleasant environment for Wi-Fi users. The SafeDNS products and cloud services are used by more than 100 telecom operators, 300 partners, 4 000 organizations and 60 WiFi operators worldwide. Working extensively with Friendly WiFi since 2016, SafeDNS was chosen to be a Friendly WiFi partner and proven its expertise to meet necessary filtering standards.
As a certified member of Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) SafeDNS has solutions for WiFi providers and business that help keep safe online clients at public areas, hotels, transport, home and schools and provide protection against indecent content and advanced threats. Flexible, cost-effective and resilient content filtering solutions are proved to filter out near-perfect 99.8% of queries to adult-only content and efficiently protect entire networks against emerging and well-known web threats.

Simple, Yet full of Value & features

We partner with reputable web filtering providers and integrators to help our clients find effective filtering and threat protection for their customers anywhere on the globe, at any scale.


  • Content Filtering
    Enforce your web content filtering policies with flexible filtering rules that put you in control, includes up to date protection to prevent online
    access to: -

    Child Abuse Material
    Terrorist Content

  • Threat Management
    By using the cloud to stop threats before they happen, our partners provide effective security at competitive prices


  • Analytics
    Get customer statistics from our partner solutions and delve into their powerful reporting for even more insight


  • Global Network
    Engineered and intelligent networks with many points of presence across the globe


  • Real Time Intellegence
    Filtering services providing real-time domain categorization

  • Fixed or Variable Pricing
    Simple pricing options based on different models, such as usage, users, venues or number of access points


Web Filtering services provided by Friendly WiFi Approved Partners is the perfect solution for your managing your Customers Content Filtering and Threat Protection needs.


CleanBrowsing - Browse the Web without Surprises
Get to decide what type of content is allowed in your home or network. Parents can protect their kids from adult content, schools can be CIPA compliant and businesses can block malicious domains and gain visibility into their network. 
CleanBrowsing offers a safe way to browse the web without surprises. Our free family filter, for example, blocks adult content, while still allowing Google, Youtube, Bing, DuckDuckGo and the rest of the web to load safely. All it takes is 5 minutes to enable the service for free and nothing to install.
Just pick the devices your kids will use and change the DNS server on them to point to (or You can also change the DNS server on your router to cover your whole house. It really just takes 5 minutes.
Our paid plans gives you a step up and multiple new features not available on the Free filters. They are ideal for anyone with additional security requirements that need more visibility and control of their devices and network.
Easy enough to protect your family. Powerful enough for the largest schools and organizations.
Our objective is to enable safe internet browsing for everyone, ensuring an appropriate online environment for all ages and in any particular situation. 
Founded in 2009, CronLab has become a leading provider of content filtering solutions, promoting a secure and transparent internet browsing experience to millions worldwide. CronLab’s mission is to protect users from inappropriate content as well as online threats and intrusive software, in order  to ensure an optimal and safe web experience. CronLab’s web usage insights provide thorough information regarding internet usage which enables our customers to make important decisions relating to marketing and business strategies or internet safety improvements. 
CronLab’s filters access a database of over 30 billion URLs, divided into 200+ categories to sort through content. Our filters have been installed in a growing number of over two and a half million devices around the world.

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