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 working closer with Friendly WiFi

Friendly WiFi works with many supporters to promote best practice and the generic benefits of safe internet and filtered WiFi. They may be government organisations, Research, IT companies or charities. 


Friendly WiFi is working with a growing list of approved organisations worldwide. Approved symbols are available to show your involvement.

Our Partners

Being an Approved Partner is a great way to join hands in partnership with Friendly WiFi and its work to help keep children and young people stay safe online. 

Approved Partners are carefully selected by demonstrating their commitment to the initiative and supporting through an agreed plan to help communicate and grow Friendly WiFi worldwide.

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Click on the Approved Partner logos below:

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Their Mission

Their mission is to support and promote all things Wi-Fi. Their goal is to make high-quality, high-performance Wi-Fi available everywhere, for everyone. They work with individuals, carriers, service providers, tech vendors, and regulators – in short: Any organisation that shares this important mission and goal with them.

What to expect
Through their network you will meet the industry leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and experts from across the global Wi-Fi industry. They showcase the most promising companies and inspiring case stories that are driving the Wi-Fi industry forward. They bring the industry together through networking and knowledge sharing – and they're 100% Wi-Fi dedicated!


Wi-Fi industry thought leadership

Wi-Fi NOW sets the thought leadership agenda for the Wi-Fi industry in close cooperation with their clients & partners. They do this through their own media work as well as through press contacts. If you want to a part of their network of influencers and leaders, now would be a great time to get involved.


Wi-Fi NOW organises yearly Wi-Fi industry events in the USA, Europe, and Asia. They also occasionally organise smaller regional events together with partners. For more on previous and scheduled events, see the events section of their site here.

News & Media

The Wi-Fi NOW community of more than 15,000 actively engaged Wi-Fi professionals from every segment of the industry is their readership and their followers. Their media services allow you to reach out to this influential group. For more about Wi-Fi NOW Media, read more here.

Wi-Fi NOW provides a free weekly Wi-Fi industry news service and weekly Wi-Fi NOW TV interview program (in cooperation with RCR Wireless) with host Claus Hetting. To subscribe to their news service, click here.

HIgh Res CF Logo 2018.jpg

WiFiSPARK - The Revolutionary WiFi platform
WiFi SPARK is the leading specialist in public-access WiFi solutions for large public venues.  The unique SPARK® Platform delivers the most flexible, feature-rich and scalable solution for guest-access WiFi on the market. WiFi SPARK has invaluable expertise in connecting millions of users to the internet, securely, compliantly and safely.

Engagement - WiFi SPARK allows businesses to have genuine interactions with visitors by presenting a bespoke user experience that offers compelling messages directly to the user’s device.

Data Collection - When guests connect to the network, they’ll access high-speed connectivity allowing the business to capture valuable consumer data.

Analytics - SPARK® Analytics displays network usage, visitor insights and more via an online dashboard so businesses can stay up to date.

The platform allows businesses to offer their visitors excellent WiFi and learn about their behaviour. Use the knowledge and data to their advantage, whilst being given full support.

WiFi SPARK is committed to making the internet a safer place, which is why they have been awarded Friendly WiFi Partner status. Customers working with WiFi SPARK can be assured their solution will be Friendly WiFi certified and the award is provided as part of the WiFi SPARK managed service.


BT Wifi is the UK`s first and largest public WiFi provider with over 5 million hotspots. With more than a decade of experience and over 400,000 installations across some of the world`s biggest brands, BT know just how fundamental WiFi is to delivering an excellent customer experience. But most importantly, they understand that it isn`t about simply having WiFi, it`s about having the best WiFi possible. 


BT Wifi are proud supporters of the Friendly WiFi scheme. BT Wifi Protect, their content filtering system that allows partners to filter out inappropriate content, is compliant with Friendly WiFi standards; so BT can help their site partners become accredited venues.

CleanBrowsing - Browse the Web without Surprises

Get to decide what type of content is allowed in your home or network. Parents can protect their kids from adult content, schools can be CIPA compliant and businesses can block malicious domains and gain visibility into their network. 

CleanBrowsing offers a safe way to browse the web without surprises. Our free family filter, for example, blocks adult content, while still allowing Google, Youtube, Bing, DuckDuckGo and the rest of the web to load safely. All it takes is 5 minutes to enable the service for free and nothing to install.

Just pick the devices your kids will use and change the DNS server on them to point to (or You can also change the DNS server on your router to cover your whole house. It really just takes 5 minutes.

Our paid plans gives you a step up and multiple new features not available on the Free filters. They are ideal for anyone with additional security requirements that need more visibility and control of their devices and network.

Easy enough to protect your family. Powerful enough for the largest schools and organizations.



Our objective is to enable safe internet browsing for everyone, ensuring an appropriate online environment for all ages and in any particular situation. 

Founded in 2009, CronLab has become a leading provider of content filtering solutions, promoting a secure and transparent internet browsing experience to millions worldwide. CronLab’s mission is to protect users from inappropriate content as well as online threats and intrusive software, in order  to ensure an optimal and safe web experience. CronLab’s web usage insights provide thorough information regarding internet usage which enables our customers to make important decisions relating to marketing and business strategies or internet safety improvements. 

CronLab’s filters access a database of over 30 billion URLs, divided into 200+ categories to sort through content. Our filters have been installed in a growing number of over two and a half million devices around the world.

Virgin media

For over 20 years we’ve worked with organisations of all sizes across all sectors, both nationally and locally, helping them to meet new customer expectations and rise to challenging market conditions. We do this through our complete portfolio of Smart Solutions.

Whether you're looking to grow and evolve your business with ultrafast connections, empower your staff with secure mobile access to corporate data and applications, or gain the guidance you need to unleash your digital potential, our portfolio of Smart Solutions provide the communications technology to help drive your digital transformation.

So you can outsmart tomorrow.


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