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Access to safe, reliable WiFi is a now deciding factor in choosing where to go – and how to get there.


Friendly WiFi is a government-recognised commitment to passengers that their online experience will be comfortable and secure, just the same as their chosen transport method.


It won’t matter who else is travelling or who you are sat next to – for children and young people the online journey will be a safe one.


Wherever you see the Friendly WiFi symbol the WiFi is filtered for:

  • Pornography

  • Webpages known by the Internet Watch Foundation (or other reputable list providers) to host indecent images of children, advert of links to such content


The Friendly WiFi symbol tells passengers, in simple language, that their online journey is safely taken care of.


Friendly WiFi – It’s good to know.

Go-Ahead Group

Proud to be Friendly WiFi certified

Part of their customer experience strategy is to ensure that they provide a WiFi service that keeps all passengers safe online.


Chiltern Railways

Creating a continuously safe online journey for all

Our collaboration with Friendly WiFi and certification provides certainty and reassurance both for our customers and ourselves


Big Bus

Safe and giving parents peace of mind

Big Bus Tours add Friendly WiFi certification to their WiFi to reassure their passengers of a Safe online experience

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