WiFi management

Customers and employees automatically expect WiFi connectivity to get their work done. However, many wireless networks were originally designed for intermittent use, primarily by laptops. They may not be able to cope with the increased traffic that a busy WLAN experiences today. This can lead to user complaints that the wireless connection is slow and frequently disconnects, or comments like "This never happens when I use my mobile device at home."


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CleanBrowsing - protecting web content on your WiFi network

Using CleanBrowsing web content filtering businesses can get to decide what type of content is allowed on their WiFi network. Ideal for any business or organisation with additional security requirements that need to protect their WiFi network users and provide more visibility and control.

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Clear Flow Wireless Access Points & Extenders A versatile range of WiFi devices for creating and extending wireless networks

  • Ceiling & in-wall access points

  • Outdoor Bridge/point-to-point extenders

  • Simple to use on-board management software

  • Programmable from PC, smartphone or tablet

  • Open WRT support

  • Qualcomm chipset

  • Dual and single band

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Infinium Wi-Fi design, install and deploy managed Wi-Fi networks utilising best of breed equipment making it easy for guests to access the internet whilst providing a strong, reliable signal and a safe browsing environment.  Our Legally Compliant, Fully managed networks also support CCTV, PDQ and ePOS system backed by a 24/7 monitoring platform.

Looking after you and your customers

Not only can poor Wi-Fi provision be the cause of many customer complaints but there are also various laws and regulations that apply to the operation of public Wi-Fi. Whether you are running a café or a 5-star restaurant, G5Zone provides an effective management system that not only ensures compliance with the law but also manages your bandwidth and users.