In-venue customer engagement

Online customer engagement is qualitatively different from offline engagement as the nature of the customer’s interactions with a brand, company and other customers differ on the internet. Customer engagement portals provides those key individuals within your business with real-time insight around first and repeat visitor data at a granular level. Unearthing demographic, technology and location behaviour across single or multiple sites anytime, anywhere.



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‘People in places’ Analytics 

People In Places (PIP) bridges the gap between Google Analytics and the real world, offering real time data and reporting using WiFi technology. We use “big data” and “machine learning” to understand movement, predict use and discover opportunities.  Benefits include; dwell time, heat mapping, regency, engagement, walk-bys, repeat visits etc.

Want to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty?

We offer a GDPR compliant splash page that is customised to your brand. By asking customers to sign into the Wi-Fi with their social media accounts not only can you gain valuable demographics about your customers but also engage with them on their social media and drive additional revenue from your Wi-Fi. 

The SPARK® Platform has proven to be solid and reliable, offering real value for businesses and guests. The SPARK® Platform offers customer engagement through app/CRM/CMS integration, surveys/feedback, video & RSS, social media, advertising and so much more.  Granular, enriched, real-time data analytics deliver true business intelligence, enhancing any venue's digital marketing strategy. Find out more.


To beacon or not to beacon?
RetailBeacon by Freerunner provides shopping centre’s, and retailers with a tremendous opportunity to adapt the customer experience to todays mobile savvy shopper. Our solution makes it easy to create, deliver and see results of promotions and offers delivered to shoppers locally at the right time.

Vital Wifi’s Connect Portal provides straightforward WiFi system management including features; advertising, user surveys, customisable branded Login Pages, user account Management, plus many more.  Ideal for public areas, hospitality, education, stadiums, oil rigs/vessels, Pubs, Clubs, Trains, boats & planes.


Online analytics for the offline world
With BT Wi-fi Insight, you can get to know your customers better, showing you how your venue can work harder to meet your customers` needs. We take your physical space into the digital age by mapping wireless devices in the vicinity of your premises and turning this into valuable insight. Use this data to improve your customers` experience, keeping them engaged and keen to return.

Bring digital value to your premises and visitors. The free Krowd app turns any Wi-Fi hotspot into a GDPR-ready live social engagement platform.  Discover who is here & their shared interests. Enable location-specific Krowd conversations & stay abreast of what is happening right here right now; additional services available to location owners.