Cyber intrusion

Cybercrime costs the UK economy approximately £27 billion per year, with almost 70% of that threat being against retail operations and establishments. Worldwide these costs scale to almost half a trillion dollars. One of the enabling factors for this risk is the increasing use of mobile devices and services by the general population. With 70% of tablet users and over 50% of smartphone users stating that they use Public WiFi hotspots, how can management secure not only payment card infrastructure, but also ensure the security of customers’ corporate and personal data.


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SafeLabs is a 'Child Safe' VPN service


It blocks access to all adult websites whose domain names are listed in different third party maintained blacklists and enforces ‘safe search’ on major search sites like Google and Bing. SafeLabs provides a way for everyone to connect, both Office and Family, providing re-assurance their privacy is protected. As well as a Free VPN plan, Shared plans are also available for multiple users.


Looking for a tool to monitor web
traffic use on your WiFi hotspots?

SafeDNS web filtering service provides powerful reports & stats with all DNS queries made from your networks. Learn if there are requests from SafeDNS protected devices for inappropriate, dangerous sites and to botnet C&C centers. Be in the know 24/7 to stay safe online.

Where other Wi-Fi platforms have tried and failed

use WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud’s patented Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) to defend your airspace from Wi-Fi hacking without the risk of accidentally shutting down your neighbor’s Wi-Fi and running into legal trouble..

Global network filtering deployed in under 5 minutes. Cloud based web content filtering and internet threat protection to block inappropriate content or prevent malware on any network. Works for organizations of all sizes. Our simple approach to content filtering works for Organizations of all sizes

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