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Online learning tools and connected devices are an established and essential part of the student experience.


Education or skills providers who have become Friendly WiFi Approved Venues have made it clear that – so far as technology allows – risk has been removed from their student’s online experience.


Having a government-recognised safe WiFi certification is a message which resonates with students, parents, staff, governors and DfE agencies.


Wherever you see the Friendly WiFi symbol the WiFi is filtered for:


Visitors will also benefit from safe WiFi, while inappropriate material any visitors may attempt to introduce to the environment will be blocked.


And, of course, the Friendly WiFi symbol displayed online and on marketing material tells prospective parents that the facility’s provision is safe.


Friendly WiFi – It’s good to know. Read below our Education Case Studies



The Queen Mary University

A proactive stance towards enhancing its WiFi services

By providing acertified network, the university aimed to promote a positive experience and foster trust among its visitors.


Moreton Hall School

Demonstrate its dedication to student safety 

This certification not only aligns with regulatory standards but also enhances the school's reputation

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