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OEM & Integration Partners

There are increasing challenges to developing a new product, whether the hardware requirement involves a tablet or other WiFi enabled device. The increasing demand for advanced integration is one of the reasons we work with OEM & Integration partners, who offer specialist Web and WiFi filtering for Connected Device Manufactures Worldwide.

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Our objective is to enable safe internet browsing for everyone, ensuring an appropriate online environment for all ages and in any particular situation. 

Founded in 2009, CronLab has become a leading provider of content filtering solutions, promoting a secure and transparent internet browsing experience to millions worldwide. CronLab’s mission is to protect users from inappropriate content as well as online threats and intrusive software, in order  to ensure an optimal and safe web experience. CronLab’s web usage insights provide thorough information regarding internet usage which enables our customers to make important decisions relating to marketing and business strategies or internet safety improvements. 

CronLab’s filters access a database of over 30 billion URLs, divided into 200+ categories to sort through content. Our filters have been installed in a growing number of over two and a half million devices around the world.

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