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Protect my WiFi

Wi-Fi gives us freedom from wires, but it’s not secure by default. Data is transmitted through the air, and anyone nearby can easily capture it with the right tools. Whether you have your own Wi-Fi network or use someone else’s, employing security measures is necessary to protect against viewing of inappropriate material, protecting your company files, online accounts, and user privacy.


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CleanBrowsing - protecting web content on your WiFi network

Using CleanBrowsing web content filtering businesses can get to decide what type of content is allowed on their WiFi network. Ideal for any business or organisation with additional security requirements that need to protect their WiFi network users and provide more visibility and control.


Safer content control
BT Wi-fi Protect allows BT Wi-fi site partners to block access to pornographic material. There’s no need to worry about users accessing content that could be inappropriate or cause offence in your premises. You can choose to simply filter the pages which are inappropriate or the entire website.

Secure and compliant Wi-Fi from G5Zone
From May 2018, you will need to ensure your Wi-Fi complies with the new GDPR regulations.  Get peace of mind with G5Zone which operates client isolation as standard and content filtering as per your requirements.   Our fully manageable cloud portal (which you will also have access too) helps discourage illegal activity and ensures fair usage for all your customers. 

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