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WiFi for Public Venues

Walk around a street today and you will see that every business is offering some type of promotion such as a sale, a special offer or discounts for specific groups. Businesses are competing in a difficult environment as price conscious consumers look for added value. For smart businesses there is an opportunity to introduce free offerings which could generate significant returns. In the age of smartphones and tablets Public WiFi offers businesses an opportunity to attract and retain new customers.


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CleanBrowsing - protecting web content on your Public WiFi

Using CleanBrowsing web content filtering businesses can get to decide what type of content is allowed on their WiFi network. Ideal for any business or organisation with additional security requirements that need to protect their WiFi network users and provide more visibility and control.

High Speed, Secure Public Wi-Fi from G5 Zone

Your customers expect instant internet access as soon as they arrive. G5Zone is a complete Wi-Fi solution that enhances your customer experience by providing easy to use internet access anywhere on your premises. Our aim is to help you gain advantage over your competition by maximising Wi-Fi uptime and minimising customer complaints. 

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Infinium Wi-Fi design, install and deploy managed Wi-Fi networks utilising best of breed equipment making it easy for guests to access the internet whilst providing a strong, reliable signal and a safe browsing environment.  Our Legally Compliant, Fully managed networks also support CCTV, PDQ and ePOS system backed by a 24/7 monitoring platform.

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Clear Flow Wireless Access Points & Extenders A versatile range of WiFi devices for creating and extending wireless networks. 

  • Ceiling & in-wall access points

  • Outdoor Bridge/point-to-point extenders

  • Simple to use on-board management software

  • Programmable from PC, smartphone or tablet

  • Open WRT support

  • Qualcomm chipset

  • Dual and single band

Be different, Freerunner WiFi

Freerunner provides WiFi to a wide range of public venues, from coffee shops to shopping centres size doesn’t matter.
Our job is to understand why WiFi is important to your venue, and build you a solution that works for your business and delights your customers.


Great wi-fi, happy customers

As the UK’s largest public wi-fi provider, we’ve got millions of hotspots across the country. We provide great coverage throughout your premises and a smooth implementation. By partnering with us, you’ll be joining the world’s biggest brands, who all understand how fundamental wi-fi is to delivering an excellent customer experience.

WiFi SPARK is the leading specialist in public-access WiFi solutions for large public venues.  The unique SPARK® Platform delivers the most flexible, feature-rich and scalable solution for guest-access WiFi on the market. WiFi SPARK has invaluable expertise in connecting millions of users to the internet, securely, compliantly and safely. Visit our website to find out how WiFi will benefit your business.

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Public Wi-Fi but with a twist! DanMagi provide a true cloud-based solution with a determination to improve every aspect of service. Focusing on the entire picture, we offer fantastic developments to support the users, the operators, and the owners: 

• Friendly secure Wi-Fi
• Unmatched user portal design
• Content and offers
• Data collection
• Data analytics


We have a passion for creating a great experience, a smooth service, and a better digital world. Welcome to better! 

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