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Leaders of successful tourism destinations know access to safe, reliable WiFi is amongst the top reasons for
visitor attraction.


Locations – even whole cities – which have become Friendly WiFi Approved have shown that they are different. They are safe.


Friendly WiFi is a government-recognised commitment to visitors and guests that your online experience will be comfortable and secure.


Wherever you see the Friendly WiFi symbol the WiFi is filtered for:

  • Pornography

  • Webpages known by the Internet Watch Foundation (or other reputable list providers) to host indecent images of children

  • Adverts or links to such content 


It won’t matter who else your visitors are near or which of your venues they attend  – their experience will be a safe one.


Children and young people using devices and browsing the web will be protected and kept away from any unwelcome online presence.


The Friendly WiFi symbol tells your visitors – and potential visitors – you care for their online experience and wellbeing.


Friendly WiFi – It’s good to know.



Case Study: Eurocamp

February 04, 2020

Eurocamp took the step to have their WiFi services Friendly WiFi certified, giving parents peace of mind that when the kids where chilling on their phones, ipads or whatever device they took, that they couldn’t be exposed to indecent material providing relaxing time for parents with no worries.

Case Study: Chester Cathedral

November 13, 2019

Making sure that their WiFi services are safe for their guests to use was of great importance
and Chester Cathedral become the first venue of its kind to receive the Friendly WiFi certification.

Case Study: Center Parcs

July 08, 2018

Center Parcs gained the Friendly WiFi certification that provided them with an independently certified WiFi service and a colourful symbol they could display to show their guests to reassure them.

Case Study: Ham Yard Hotel

February 18, 2020

Ham Yard Hotel took the decision to become Friendly WiFi certified which checks and demonstrates that indecent material can’t be accessed in their village, bar, restaurants, etc. This keeps all
protected whilst leaving guests to browse at leisure in the privacy of their own rooms.

Case Study: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

July 31, 2015

A legacy torch does not come with a heavier weight than for the team running East London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the home of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Case Study: York City

March 02, 2015

UK’s first Friendly WiFi city: how York set the agenda for super connected, safe online spaces. York is often referred to as an ‘outdoor museum’, such is the incredible heritage and story that adorns its winding streets.

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