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Any retail experience should be fun, friendly and modern – after all, around half of smartphone owners use their devices while shopping.


Friendly WiFi is a government-recognised commitment to customers that their online experience will be comfortable and secure.


Children and young people using devices and apps will be safe, and retail space is less likely to attract unwelcome presence.


Wherever you see the Friendly WiFi symbol the WiFi is filtered for:


Becoming an approved venue – and displaying the Friendly WiFi symbol – means businesses are encouraging online interaction in-store, and providing a digital service which boosts their reputation.


Approved venues are searchable on the Friendly WiFi venue locator


Friendly WiFi – It’s good to know.



Case Study: House of Fraser

December 20, 2019

Looking after customers whilst in the stores is key to House of Fraser and online is now exception. They are the first to have their WiFi Friendly WiFi certified and included the certification at the time of their WiFi upgrade to make sure that the whole experience was second to none and that their shopping experience was one that was not only enjoyable but safe and comfortable to browse in.

Case Study: IKEA

July 31, 2018

We can clearly show to our customers that we are protecting them online and so they can surf safely whilst shopping with us in store 

Case Study: Starbucks

April 30, 2015

Starbucks was one of the first to become a Friendly WiFi Approved Venue. In fact, it had already signed up to the standard when Friendly WiFi launched in July 2014. 

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