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Any retail experience should be fun, friendly and modern – after all, around half of smartphone owners use their devices while shopping.


Friendly WiFi is a government-recognised commitment to customers that their online experience will be comfortable and secure.


Children and young people using devices and apps will be safe, and retail space is less likely to attract unwelcome presence.


Wherever you see the Friendly WiFi symbol the WiFi is filtered for:

  • Pornography

  • Webpages that have been assessed as containing child sexual abuse material


Becoming an approved venue – and displaying the Friendly WiFi symbol – means businesses are encouraging online interaction in-store, and providing a digital service which boosts their reputation.


Approved venues are searchable on the Friendly WiFi venue locator


Friendly WiFi – It’s good to know. Read below our Shopping & Eating Case Studies




Wagamama didn't just want to offer any WiFi, they wanted Friendly WiFi

By becoming the first Friendly WiFi certified restaurant, Wagamama leads the way in offering secure, reliable internet access in a fun and welcoming environment.



Tesco’s dedication to providing a safe online environment

The Friendly WiFi symbol in Tesco stores is more than just a certification; it’s a commitment to
customer safety.



Making sure they offer environments that
keep visitors safe online

They proudly show the certification on their WiFi landing pages and website, proud of the standards they
have proactively adopted

Bluewater (112).jpg

TGI Fridays

Highlights their dedication to guest
safety and satisfaction

This certification shows that their WiFi network is safe for all users, providing a safe online environment for families and individuals alike.


Samsung Retail Stores and KX Store

Ensuring this service was safe for all, especially kids, was a top priority

Samsung's commitment to safe WiFi demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction and
community responsibility.

Samsung Experience Store.png


Clearly showing to our customers that we are protecting them

IKEA have proudly been Friendly WiFi certified since 2015, which is so important to the brand

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