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New SafeDNS Network Node in South Africa

Dear friends,

SafeDNS constantly works on improving quality of its service from any point of view imaginable. To make resolving DNS queries faster for our users in Africa, the company has added a new node to its network in Republic of South Africa (RSA).

Adding this node to the company's distributed network of filtering servers immediately helped to resolve DNS requests of users in Africa 6x faster than before!

In terms of the speed of resolving DNS queries worldwide, SafeDNS is the 3rd place among DNS resolvers operating on a global scale.

The new node also brings the total number of the servers to 13, each located in strategically important points all over the world – in both Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Far East.

The latest addition to the SafeDNS network of the filtering servers contributes to speeding up DNS resolving for users in South Africa, neighboring countries – Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, other corners of this large continent, and all over the globe.

The new node improves the scalability of the SafeDNS service and its redundancy option. Enjoy a faster connection and increased service reliability of SafeDNS.

Your SafeDNS Team

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