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Want WiFi across your venues, but don’t know where to start?

Do you have WiFi but want to provide a better experience or want to introduce WiFi across your estate of venues? There is so much more to think about nowadays to make sure that you get the most of providing this service to your customers.

We choose our partners carefully based on their product proposition, services and passion for online safety and we are proud to have worked with BT WiFi since the beginning of Friendly WiFi. They can really help you at this stage of either upgrading or installing WiFi.

You will receive support from the design and planning of the network that you want through to set up and ongoing support. You will work with a sector-specific project management team who can offer great advice and guidance to ensure outstanding connectivity for your customer.

You can opt for a fully managed solution where BT WiFi will take care of everything from design, provision of infrastructure, installation of kit, and ultimately the full WiFi service to your customers. You can also opt for an overlay solution – you may be happy with your wireless LAN infrastructure but want to add WiFi as a new service – BT WiFi can do just this, even if you have your own access points. This means you can work with BT WiFi to find a cost-effective solution to access their high level services whilst maximising cost savings using your existing infrastructure. Find out more here.

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