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Running out of mailbox space in Outlook?

Are you receiving warning messages, advising that you’re about to run out of mailbox space? If you haven't already then you may do in the future. Here are some tips to help address the issue:

- Empty your deleted items folder.

In Outlook, go to Files / Tools / Empty Deleted Items Folder.

- Check your junk mail.

Unless any of the items are required, delete items from the junk mail folder and then delete them again from the deleted items folder.

- Review your largest files.

In Outlook, go to Files / Tools / Mailbox Clean-up / Find items larger than… You can then choose a file size, and see which items are taking up the most space. Are there any that are no longer needed, which can be removed? Are there any large documents attached to emails – documents that could be stored somewhere other than your mailbox?

- Use online archiving.

An additional Microsoft licence can provide access to an in-place online archive for your mailbox. The size of that archive will depend on the type of licence you have. Once the new licence is applied, your archiving will begin, and there is a customisable retention policy to determine which emails get automatically archived.

If you have any questions, need help with your mailbox, or any other IT, document or business telecoms requirements please don't hesitate to contact HJS Technology. We are always very happy to help 😊


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