Friendly WiFi launches at its first location in Western Australia

Through a new partnership with Net-worxs Software, Friendly WiFi now has the ability to offer the accreditation service throughout Australia, bringing the colourful symbol to the forefront, helping children and young people to recognise venues who support the need to protect children online. Net-worxs Software is proud to announce it has partnered with RDI (UK) Holdings ('RDI') in support of 'Friendly WiFi'.

'Friendly WiFi' is the world's first public WiFi accreditation scheme designed to promote safer public WiFi access for parents, children and young adults by identifying those venues that are committed to blocking access to pornographic and illegal child abuse websites. The scheme was initiated by the UK government and industry and works in partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

Launched in the UK by RDI during 2014, the scheme has seen great success and now Australia has the opportunity to join many countries around the world to show their public WiFi venues meet a minimum standard of content filtering. Partnering with RDI, Net-Worxs Software is now a 'Friendly WiFi' approved provider, able to provide clients with products and services that meet the scheme's standards for accreditation, this allows clients to use and display the colourful 'Friendly WiFi' symbol on their landing pages and websites.

“Helping to keep children and young people safe online when outside the home is of paramount importance," says Mike Davies from RDI. “The Friendly WiFi scheme has been a great success in the UK, and it is extremely encouraging to see so many other

WiFi providers worldwide supporting the scheme and helping to raise standards.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Net-worxs, who are the first provider in Australia to offer the Public WiFi accreditation scheme as part of their services, allowing all types of public WiFi venues to use and display the Friendly WiFi symbol showing their Customers that their public WiFi is filtered and safe to use."

The partnership means clients can promote a safer WiFi environment for their customers by applying to join the scheme and showing that access to pornographic material is filtered and child abuse webpages (illegal content) are blocked. Approved clients will be able to display the 'Friendly WiFi' symbol that helps customers identify safe WiFi locations around the world.

Alan McAndrew C.E.O from Net-worxs Software, “The Net-worxs team are extremely excited with the partnership, we have always been very conscientious in our efforts to provide a safe environment for our clients and the vulnerable within our community, to enjoy accessing free WiFi without the issues of unwanted adult content. We are also very proud of Waterford Plaza for bringing Friendly Wi-Fi on board as a part of their Wi-Fi concept throughout their centre"

'Friendly WiFi' launched at its first location in Western Australia at Waterford Plaza in February 2016.

Neil Malcolm Associate Director - Marketing, Waterford Plaza “Waterford Plaza's core values are centred on providing a Community focussed, family-friendly shopping environment. As a part of that vision we offer a Centre wide free WiFi service for the convenience of our customers whilst they go about their regular shopping or dine in one of our many cafes and restaurants. In delivering this service, we wanted to ensure that parents could feel safe that their children using our free service would not be subjected to any illegal or pornographic content. Friendly WiFi allows us to deliver that safety and comfort for parents and all Community members."

For more information about the 'Friendly WiFi' Scheme Australia and how to apply please contact Net-worxs Software on, or visit their website here

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