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How Robustel provide a great solution for Public Transport

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Public transport, especially bus networks, are an essential service to communities. Keeping families connected, getting children of all ages to school on time, and taking commuters to work. The need to stay connected online during a journey is an essential to passengers. An onboard WiFi service allows passengers to browse and stay in touch with friends, and family or even work whilst on route.

Benefits of WiFi on a transport network

Not only does it provide a service for passengers it can also provide a great tool for the management of public transport systems by using and leveraging real time data. This can support with: -

  • Fleet tracking

  • Maintenance – scheduling and monitoring

  • Fuel consumption – tracking the levels used on routes

  • Route planning using smart technology to drive efficiencies

  • Support with real time data to identify hazards and manage delays to routes

Challenges of connecting passengers

One of the challenges for bus operators in providing essential WiFi services, is ensuring that the service allows passengers to connect easily and provide the ability for them to browse online with un-interrupted loss of service, or speed, enabling them to do what they want. Not only this, but the solution needs to be easy to install and cost effective.

Advances in technology, fortunately provide the resources to achieve new services for challenges in these sectors. Robustel, are the frontrunners at harnessing this technology with their next-generation passenger WiFi system. Their aim has been to provide a solution that minimises the cost of ownership which enables a strong business case for providing quality WiFi on a bus fleet of any size.

Passenger experience

Robustel have kept passenger experience at the forefront of the development of their solutions. Providing a reliable, safe and secure service, allows passengers to track their journey in real time, as well as find out about any potential delays or disruptions that could affect their arrival or onward journey. Having the ability to communicate directly to passengers, enables the transport operator to proactively communicate and talk to their passengers. This helps keeps complaints down and manage where disruptions or delays could be happening.

In addition to the above, Robustel are committed to online safety by including the capability for their customers to keep their passengers safe online They provide the ability for their customers to include a compliant filtering service to enable transport operators to become Friendly WiFi certified. This shows that their passengers are then kept safe whilst browsing online, from being exposed to indecent material – creating a comfortable environment for all to enjoy whilst travelling. This was a key drive in Robustel partnering with Friendly WiFi.

How Robustel provide a great solution

There are a number of key areas that have enabled Robustel to achieve this: -

  • They are one of the world leaders in the manufacture of 4G and 5G routers, developed alongside their cloud-based control platforms

  • Their markets are worldwide with high volumes of routers being sold that allows them to drive low costs by economies of scale

  • Data is king and an essential part of delivering an effective WiFi service – key partnership allows them to provide low-cost solutions to their clients

  • They include a content filtering solution, via a leading global partner that ensures the safety of users of their WiFi service

  • Captive portal which has been developed in-house to give their clients control of their total fleet

  • Free trials are provided so the technology and solution speaks for itself

  • Robustel are passionate about what they do, technology and challenging the norm. Their solutions speak for themselves and they are focussed on working with the bus sector to enable access to affordable and best in class passenger WiFi solutions.

Take a look here for more information or reach out to their team who will be able to talk through how they can help your bus network deliver a great passenger WiFi service.

View the product brochure here Visit Robustel here


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