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GlobalReach Technology Now Certified as Friendly WiFi Approved Partner as it Moves to CleanBrowsing

London, 19 September, 2023 - GlobalReach Technology, expert in high performance wireless ISP services and solutions, today announced that it has extended its Friendly WiFi certification to Approved Partner. This recognises its continuing offer of high-quality advanced content filtering services to major service providers and brands.

GlobalReach has provided content filtering to its customers since 2021. Now, as part of a move to provide a clear and consistent offer at a competitive price to its customers, it has partnered with the DNS filtering platform CleanBrowsing.

This new partnership sees it create safe browsing experiences by blocking internet access to online porn, malicious and obscene content, including the latest blocklists for CSAM and terrorism. Its new Friendly WiFi Approved Partner status applies to both the established GlobalReach Wi-Fi management platform, and its new cloud Wi-Fi platform, Trusted WiFi.

Friendly WiFi is a recognised standard for safe and comfortable internet browsing. It demonstrates the company’s commitment and support for online safety, focussed on a safe Wi-Fi experience. GlobalReach customers using its guest Wi-Fi services, including Network Rail railway stations, retail malls, restaurants, cafes and other venues, can also choose to display the mark.

Sara Lupori, chief product officer, GlobalReach Technology, said in support: “We’ve recently expanded our certification to include Clean Browsing, adding even more power to our content filtering capabilities. We can now offer our customers industry-standard block levels for public Wi-Fi services, meeting the expectations of users. Additionally, GlobalReach can now offer tailored solutions catering to various vertical industry requirements. Both our existing GlobalReach Wi-Fi management platform and its new cloud-based Wi-Fi platform, Trusted WiFi, benefit from this certification."

Bev Smith, Director, Friendly WiFi, added: “We enjoy working with the team at GlobalReach as they are so passionate about what they do, providing a great service with a focus on online safety. They have always been great advocates of the Friendly WiFi standard and now I am excited to work with them on the stage of our journey together via partnership. We already have some great clients who are certified who GlobalReach provide the service to and I am looking forward to working together with new clients.”


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