Basic Online Child Safety through VPN

Children need to be taught basics of their online safety and made to understand the reasons.

SafeLabs is a company dedicated to original research of how best to protect our children while they are online. SafeLabs uses VPN technology to redirect all Internet traffic to its servers where it can inspect it and apply appropriate filters.

Few essential things and their remedies that need to be told to a child are:

There are ‘Online Predators’

First and foremost concern while your children are online is to tell them about online predators. There are different types and ways but the most dangerous are the ones who eventually want physical access to your child. They have to look out their search in a location in their vicinity.

The role of IP address in revealing your location.

Whenever you are online, you get a public IP address. If you are at home, it is the IP address provided by your ISP. If you are in a cafe or at airport, it is an IP address provided by the wifi provider.

Visiting a website like would reveal many details available through your public IP address. This includes your location. In most cases of online access (web surfing, chatting, talking etc), the other party also knows your public IP address and from there can know a lot of where you are physically located.

If you want to hide your location, hiding your public IP address is a mandatory first step.