Our pubs are going to be fully open this summer!

After the pandemic and challenges of hospitality being shut we are certainly looking for a summer of being able to enjoy going out and the summer pub gardens.

One important thing to have in place to make the most of having increased customers is to have a great WiFi service. Not only do people want to stay connected, share pictures of their great food or the fun they are having with friends, but by having the right WiFi can help you keep customers coming back.

Our partners BT WiFi are experts in this sector, and can help you and your business in many ways. They will make sure your WiFi is fast and easy to use, encouraging customers to stay longer. You can use your WiFi service to find out more about your customers which integrates with your EPOS data – find out how long each customer stays, how often they come back, why have they visited – all this data enables you to build personalised marketing campaigns and offers.

Understand their visit patterns and how many of your other venues they visit. Keep your customers in your venues for longer by using your WiFi to send out real time offers whilst they are there enjoying themselves. What is better than being able to really personalise your messaging with a thank you offer after your customers have left or a free drink on their birthday – all possible with the service from BT WiFi.

Quite simply, keep your customers coming back and spending more. Find out more here.

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