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For 4th Year Straight SafeDNS Proves Its Top-Notch Quality of Filtering the Internet

Dear friends,

It's already become a wonderful summer tradition for the company to announce that SafeDNS is certified by AV-Comparatives and once again receives Approved Parental Control Product award.


In its report AV-Comparatives states that SafeDNS blocks 98.3% requests to adult content and 94% - to gambling one.

Lab tests prove that for 4 straight years the SafeDNS filtering service shows consistently great results in blocking adult and gambling content with 0 false positives. Actually, for the entire 4 years SafeDNS is tested and reviewed by AV-Comparatives there has been not a single false positive. That's why child-friendly content is always available to SafeDNS users, without a hitch.


To SafeDNS users the 2018 test results demonstrate again that you use an award-winning web filtering service which enables you to let your network users access only the content you find appropriate and useful. This is especially important in case your network users are kids. Their natural inquisitiveness and relative lack of web surfing experience often leads to them accessing dangerous, unpleasant and, at times, shocking content. No responsible parent and educator want that.

SafeDNS is always here to help you. With the company's filtering service in the cloud you can protect yourself, your dear and near ones, staff, students, and guests at home, places of learning and work against unwanted, malicious and phishing resources.

Employers can manage access to corporate networks limiting opportunities for staff to waste work time on irrelevant, unproductive websites.

MSP and resellers may rest assured that with the SafeDNS solutions they provide customers with the best-in-class web filtering which brings SafeDNS resellers additional revenue.

Internet and mobile service providers can reliably use SafeDNS to offer subscribers best-in-class parental control and content filtering for educational institutions and businesses. In Americas and the EMEA about 300 telecoms have already partnered the company to safeguard subscribers from web-based threats and unnecessary resources.

Public Wi-Fi providers deploy SafeDNS to help guests easily avoid gross and inappropriate stuff on the internet making it cleaner and safer for children and adults alike.


To be consistently certified as Approved Parental Control Product the company keeps enriching its own database of categorized internet resources. It's already grown to about 100M resources. With such a solid foundation everything SafeDNS does provides great quality.

SafeDNS has by now secured technological partnership with network equipment manufacturers. In the EMEA and beyond such manufacturers as Dovado, Zyxel and Fältcom sell their Wi-Fi routers with SafeDNS integrated into them. One of the world-leading router manufacturers, D-Link, will soon release a new firmware version for several of its Wi-Fi routers with the SafeDNS service integrated into it. These manufacturers appreciate the additional value SafeDNS provides to their equipment.

The SafeDNS team continues improving the filtering service quality so that users are securely protected online against malware, phishing, botnets and dangerous internet resources.

Your SafeDNS Team

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