VPN Technology for 'Child Safe' Internet

Introduction by Friendly Wi-Fi

Friendly WiFi Partners ‘SafeLabs’ have created a ‘Child Safe’ simple to use method allowing families to connect safely to the internet. They have launched a ‘Child Safe’ VPN service, which is easily applied to any device (PC, Laptop, mobile or tablet) giving parents and their children peace of mind that when browsing the internet they are protected from accessing inappropriate material. Most of today's children have the ability via their device to access any network which provides free access to the world wide web. This presents a whole host of risks and demonstrates how vulnerable today's children can actually be when given the opportunity to open many different doors to the internet without any protection. Using a simple service such as ‘Child Safe’ VPN from SafeLabs is the answer and provides only ‘one’ door to the internet, a Safe way to browse and stay protected.

Our Partners SafeLabs have provided below a useful summary of VPN technology, how it works, including options for connecting the service.

SafeLabs White Paper

VPN technology is a configuration available in all new mobile phones, laptops. PCs and even Wi-Fi routers that enables forwarding all Internet traffic first to a remote server called ‘VPN Server’.

This technology is usually used by Enterprises to let their employees connect to their corporate servers securely and also enables a way for them to monitor everything from a single VPN server.

SafeLabs uses this technology to provide a ‘Child Safe’ Internet experience. All Internet traffic from SafeLabs customers PCs, Laptops and mobile devices is forwarded to SafeLabs VPN servers which apply different measures to keep children’s online experience as safe as possible.

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