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Come and Join us at Wi-Fi WORLD CONGRESS UK/EUROPE 2023

Wi-Fi World Congress

On 22-24 May the team at Friendly WiFi will be exhibiting at the Wi-Fi WORLD CONGRESS UK/EUROPE 2023. The conference brings the world’s Wi-Fi leaders together under one roof for three days of all things Wi-Fi and is hosted in the iconic seaside resort town of Brighton, UK - with a special focus on innovation & opportunity.

The conference is also zooming in on massive new opportunities in 6 GHz Wi-Fi for the home, the enterprise, for devices, and not least Wi-Fi evolution.

We are proud to have supported Claus Hetting and his team at Wi-Fi NOW over the last few years and thank them for their support for Friendly WiFi and the work we do to keep people safe online.

For all our clients, industry partners and Friendly WiFi supporters, if you find the time, please do come and see us and meet everyone else taking part in this thriving event. To find our more details about the event click here, or just send an email to the Friendly WiFi team at

We look forward to hopfully seeing you there!


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