Friendly WiFi secures new sponsor for 2018

Friendly WiFi continues to flourish through the first quarter of 2018, with several new brands, venues and locations signing up to have their Public and Guest WiFi services ‘Safe Certified’ in order to demonstrate their commitment to keeping their customers safe while browsing online. One such recent addition is Lloyds Banking Group, who have over 2000 branches over their group brands, Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland, all of which now offer Safe Certified Wifi.

Additionally, Friendly WiFi also continues to partner with an ever-growing number of technology companies all over the world who are Friendly WiFi approved providers. These partnerships are an integral part of Friendly WiFi’s work towards online safety for children and young adults, and the support and advocacy of these companies is essential to Friendly WiFi’s aim of achieving a minimum standard for content filtering over Public and Guest WiFi worldwide.

Most recently, DNSFilter, based in the US, approached Friendly WiFi to become an approved provider. DNSFilter is powered by Artificial Intelligence and is therefore able to analyse and capture more threats and domains in real time than most other services, which rely on static domain data bases. DNSFilter thus provides an innovative and high-quality content filtering and security threat protection service.

A strong and positive working relationship quickly developed between the two companies, with the team at DNSFilter sharing Friendly WiFi’s enthusiasm for driving online safety for Public and Guest WiFi. Due to this shared ground, DNSFilter wanted not only to work with Friendly WiFi as an approved provider, but also to take their relationship and the level of support they offered to the next level by becoming sponsors of Friendly WiFi. This partnership has matured to a close working relationship that provides the platform for DNSFilter to promote the message of online safety and the requirement for web filtering of Public and Guest WiFi on a global level.

Bev Smith, Director at RDI said “We are thrilled that DNSFilter have become a sponsor of Friendly WiFi and that they are so supportive of the subject of online safety for Public and Guest WiFi.” She added, “From the start we were really impressed with the professionalism, passion and knowledge of the team at DNSFilter. Their filtering solution is excellent and is a testament to the hard work and dedication from the team there. By DNSFilter being sponsors, it will enable a closer working relationship that will help Friendly WiFi to grow globally whilst providing access to an excellent filtering solution.” Bev concluded