SafeDNS makes management of business and enterprise accounts easier

Dear friends,

We are proudly presenting you a new version of our agent program for Windows-based computers and 2 brand-new features available in the dashboard. The updates to SafeDNS Agent and the features are especially useful for enterprises with huge amounts of filtering profiles for thousands of employees.

Role-based access control for your SafeDNS account

Now in your SafeDNS account you can have a role-based access control. Namely, you can assign your account administrators different roles – "Administrator" or "Auditor". Auditors will only be able to see and download filtering service stats from the account. They will not be able to change filtering settings of any kind.

Suitable use case: This new feature will definitely save you much time, if you manage the SafeDNS service on an enterprise account. By making organization’s managers and department heads auditors of your corporate SafeDNS account you can give them access to filtering service stats. So they do not have to ask you download the stats and send it to them. At any moment auditors can themselves take a look at and download the stats of all filtering profiles. With the stats auditors will be able to see if staff complies with corporate internet policies. That is exactly what this feature is created for.

To add an auditor go to your service dashboard and there to the Account tab. Other steps are pretty much clear from this screenshot.

The feature of adding auditors to get service stats is available on Safe@Enterprise plan and a host of Hotspot Edition plans.