Protection From DNS Changing Malware and Other Updates to SafeDNS Service

Last month we made a number of improvements to our filtering service to make it more secure, and improved the management part and APIs for partners and resellers. Here’s a quick recap of the most useful of them.

Improved security of your filtering settings from DNSChanger malware

It’s no secret that malware, like DNSChanger, can hijack and change DNS settings on your computer and even router. E.g. GhostDNS malware compromised over 100.000 routers in Brazil in September. We have created a security alert for that event. If our cloud service does not receive DNS requests from your router or computer for more than 24 hours, we will notify you about the issue by email. Such an alert will help to identify possible issues with the routers or computers SafeDNS is deployed on.

Additional administrators for reseller’s accounts

Now SafeDNS resellers and MSPs with the Reseller plan can create up to 10 additional administrators to their SafeDNS account. All the administrators are going to have the same access level to create and manage accounts of reseller’s customers. Another useful feature is admin’s log – a special page where we log all management actions in the reseller’s dashboard by the reseller itself and his adminstrators.

Brand new methods in Subscription API for partners and resellers

We’d like to inform those of SafeDNS partners, who use the company’s Subscription API, that a pack of new methods are added to API to cover all customer’s management tasks and improve export of statistics to external systems. You can request new Subscription API Guide from your account manager.

We are back at further improving the web filtering service for you to enjoy a safer and cleaner internet.

Stay tuned!

Your SafeDNS Team

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