Why filtering is essential on Public Transport

Public WiFi is growing everywhere, from shops, towns, restaurants and with the advancement of WiFi technology, it is becoming more the norm on public transport.

Getting from A to B, commuting to work, all takes up valuable time and having access to WiFi networks is becoming expected and providing a useful option to fill in the gap and make our trips more productive and entertaining.

The Government and Industry has invested heavily into providing the infrastructure into travel networks to enable the deployment of WiFi services to ensure seamless connectivity in towns and cities whilst creating a strong platform as the digital age advances.

Different to a coffee shop or shopping centre, providing WiFi services on transport can be difficult with the bus, train or tram moving around their route constantly. Technology is advancing all of the time to ensure the best connectivity throughout a journey. Ensuring a service is suitably filtered to provide protection for passengers, especially kids and young adults is essential. Any transport company should want to make sure that access to indecent images and inappropriate material is blocked from access. This protects passengers and creates a comfortable browsing environment for all – something that the Friendly WiFi certification checks annually and any transport company displaying the Friendly WiFi symbol is showing that their services include this level of filtering as a minimum.

A DNS filtering solution is not only beneficial for ensuring inappropriate content is blocked from access, it can also help control access to other internet services that can really slow down the WiFi for everyone. It is simple to install, it requires the DNS settings to be changed at the central points which control the WiFi and redirects internet requests through safe, intelligent and responsive server networks. Cloud based DNS service is also cost effective with pricing starting as little as £1 per 200,000 DNS requests, or if more suitable, can accommodate a fixed price solution.

With the deployment of a DNS filtering solution being so simple and affordable and the fact that it provides safe WiFi and faster WiFi – it’s something that should be considered by all transport companies. With the addition of the Friendly WiFi certification to visually show passengers they are being protected online – it’s a no brainer for Safe WiFi on the move…

Protect your commuters from online security threats and inappropriate content with DNSFilter.

Doug, Los Angeles County Metro,

"We offer WiFi on virtually every single one of our 2,500 trains and buses.

"One of the things that we really like about DNSFilter that really stands out is that we’re confident this is a state of the art company. DNSFilter is acquiring and implementing new technologies and we see it in the filtering. It’s just so much smarter"

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