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SafeDNS Now Supports Filtering IPv6 Sites

SafeDNS has added support for IPv6 site blocking to all of our solutions – for home, education, business, and telecom. Now all users of the SafeDNS cloud service will be able to restrict access to sites using the IPv6 protocol.

What IPv6 is

IPv6 is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the internet. Unlike the widely used IPv4 protocol, IPv6 has a larger addressing space as this modern-day protocol uses a 128-bit address system and is a successor to IPv4, designed to replace the latter with its 32-bit address system which will soon run out of IPv4 addresses.

IPv6 is widely used in different industries for interaction of M2M sensor systems. The IPv6 protocol is at the heart of IoT networks and is used, along with IPv4, on many popular websites and mail services. SafeDNS is aware of the growing popularity of IPv6 and its influence on contemporary computer networks. In the anticipation of a mass transition to this more advanced protocol, we are taking steps to be fully ready for it.

Why supporting IPv6 is important

Despite a relatively small number of IPv6 sites existing now, the SafeDNS support for blocking both IPv4 and IPv6 sites is extremely important for a more comprehensive protection of company’s users against all kinds of cyber threats. Previously, the SafeDNS filtering service just skipped sites on IPv6. Starting from today, SafeDNS makes the internet safer for you – by filtering out sites using IPv6 as well as IPv4. The opportunity to block IPv6 sites is supported on all the SafeDNS plans.

First and foremost, SafeDNS support for IPv6 is likely be in demand with internet service providers that use IPv6 on their networks (including for their own internal services). However, home and corporate users of the SafeDNS service will find the new opportunity quite useful, cause the number of sites on IPv6 (including dangerous ones) is increasing every year.

How to enable IPv6 site blocking with the SafeDNS service

It is simple. You do not have to do anything. IPv6 support is already available for all of the SafeDNS users on any service plan. So there's need to change anything in your filtering settings. From now on, the sites using IPv6 are correctly blocked according to your personal SafeDNS settings.

Your SafeDNS Team

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