SafeDNS Renames & Regroups Several Content Categories and Introduces New Ones

Dear friends,

SafeDNS's changed names of several content categories and regrouped the categories so it is easier for our users to grasp their essence to decide which of the categories to block or allow with the web filtering service.

So, we have renamed the category containing sites with child sexual abuse images, criminally obscene adult and child sexual abuse content from a list compiled by Internet Watch Foundation/IWF (UK). Now the category is called ‘Child Sexual Abuse (IWF)’ and we have moved to the large group of categories, called ‘Illegal Activity’. To the same group we have moved 2 more categories – ‘German Youth Protection’ and ‘Child Sexual Abuse (Arachnid)’.

A new category, ‘Crypto Mining’, is added to the ‘Illegal Activity’ group. The category contains sites which are known to stealthily mine crypto currencies.

Two more categories are renamed – the one we used to call ‘Banner Ads’ into ‘Online Ads’ and the ‘Politics’ category is now called ‘Politics, Society and Law’.

An important change is that we now have an entirely new group of categories, called ‘Security’. In this group we have moved the 3 long existing categories you know quite well – ‘Virus Propagation’, ‘Phishing’ and ‘Botnets’.