The Centre, Livingston show their support for a Safe WiFi experience

Online safety is becoming more and more important for parents to make sure that their families are protected as the use of technology increases and is used by kids at younger ages. With the increase in public WiFi, online safety has spread to protecting our families even when doing something as simple as shopping.

The Centre, Livingston have shown their support for families shopping in their mall by becoming a Friendly WiFi certified venue. This means that whilst shopping, anyone using their WiFi services are protected from exposure to indecent material. Not only does this protect young families but creates a comfortable and pleasant browsing environment for anyone visiting The Centre.

Patrick Robbertze, Deputy Centre Director at The Centre, Livingston said:

“Providing the use of WiFi to our visitors is key for customer experience and provides a great way for us to engage with our customers but we recognise that parents want to keep their families safe so ensuring we provide filtered safe WiFi is extremely important to us.

“Not only does it show our commitment to online safety but also that we want to provide an enjoyable shopping and leisure environment for all our visitors. We take so much pride in our mall, which is why the Friendly WiFi certification was a natural addition for us.”

Friendly WiFi is the government-initiated safe certification standard for public WiFi. It was launched in 2014 to ensure public WiFi meets minimum filtering standards, particularly in those areas where children are present.

Venues displaying the Friendly WiFi symbol have WiFi filters which deny access to pornography and web pages known by the Internet Watch Foundation to host indecent images of children and advertisements or links to such content.

Mike Davies from Friendly WiFi who supported The Centre, Livingston throughout their certification process, said:

“Shopping centres are busy places, visited by many families. The move by The Centre, Livingston to become certified shows their passion for customer safety and shows that in the evolving digital world they take their responsibility for online safety as seriously as the physical safety of their customers.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the team and I am looking forward to continue working with them.”

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