Arriva Buses UK gain Friendly WiFi certification

As we enter 2022 and the UK starts to return to more of a normal life, Arriva Buses UK have taken the proactive decision to become Friendly WiFi certified for its provision of internet access across its UK bus fleet.

Operating since 1938, Arriva UK Bus has always wanted to create a great customer experience to keep their customers happy every day. Becoming Friendly WiFi certified enables them to support this key activity as part of their values and demonstrates that they are committed to protecting their passengers online whilst travelling on their buses.

By being Friendly WiFi certified, Arriva UK Bus are showing that they are providing a public WiFi network across their fleet that will filter out inappropriate content, including indecent images and advertisements, this provides confidence to their passengers and parents that the services provided are safe for children to use.

Arriva UK Bus worked with the Friendly WiFi team to complete the certification process of the government-initiated safe certification standard. Launched by Government in 2013, the Friendly WiFi symbol tells customers those services are meeting agreed filtering standards.

Adam Toone, Digital & Commercial Platforms Director supported said:

“We are proud to have met the government-initiated safe certification, which means that customers will now see the Friendly WiFi symbol across our on-bus landing pages. This symbol is recognised by children, young adults and parents, giving confidence that Arriva have pro-actively ensured that our browsing environment is filtered and safe. We look forward to welcoming back our customers and know that this will be a welcomed addition. Happy browsing.”

Beverley Smith, Director for Friendly WiFi supports the move by Arriva UK Bus and said:

“We are thrilled by the proactive approach of Arriva UK Bus to become Friendly WiFi certified and really show their commitment in the safe and comfortable browsing environment they strive to provide across their fleet. They recognise that many families and young adults use their services, and providing filtered WiFi is essential for passenger well-being and comfort whilst also recognising how important the standard is in the travel sector.”

This is further supported by John Carr – Secretary of the UK’s Children Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety (CHIS) who said:

“The Friendly WiFi symbol was designed to help children, young people and adults recognise a service that assures them that the public WiFi that they are accessing is filtered and safe. To parents, the symbol not only gives them confidence that the WiFi is filtered and independently certified, but that the WiFi that meets minimum standards goes a long way to ensuring no-one is unsafe or uncomfortable as they travel.”

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