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Friendly WiFi and Partners BT WiFi

We have been working with partners BT WiFi for five years and we couldn’t be prouder to be working with such a great company who truly believe in online safety. They were there at the start of the journey being instrumental in the development of the standard.

They help to drive the Friendly WiFi certification with their service – WiFi Protect, which several of our certified brands use. It is an effective product within their services that enables you as a brand to restrict access to categories of sites that you don’t wish to be accessible at your venue. This is vital to stop offensive and inappropriate content being viewed in your premises – this protects young children stumbling across this content, but more importantly stops adults viewing indecent content in front of others – believe us this happens more than you think!

It is simple to achieve and activate and the team are there on hand to guide you. By using this service, they are also supporting their customers to achieve the Friendly WiFi certification and gain a discount on the annual certification fee.

Look at their services to find out more here.


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