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How to make Netflix family friendly

Streaming TV services is the new norm on how our families watch TV, especially for kids as they can do this anywhere on their devices. But what about if you are worried about what they can view, do you want your 12-year-old watching 18 rated films?

Typically you would like to do this by using a filtering solution such as the one provided by our partners CleanBrowsing – they provide home solutions which are simple to set up so you can protect your family online. Do check out their options for your family here.

Unfortunately the Netflix platform is closed which means that filtering services such as CleanBrowsing is unable to filter their content. But you can use the built-in features, provided by Netflix, to provide some protection to your family.

Our partners CleanBrowsing have a great blog here about how to make Netflix kid friendly, which explains how to do this and protect your family.

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