Online Protection At Home With Increased Homeschooling

Whether you enjoy homeschooling or not, one thing is clear is that web-based threats are real and the risk has become greater with the onset of homeschooling. Since COVID-19 emerged, the number of pupils being homeschooled, schools closed and online threats has dramatically increased.

As part of homeschooling the use of online resources has increased, however, many households just don’t have the high-end cybersecurity solutions in place that businesses have to shelter themselves from such threats. Nevertheless, parents don’t have to be techies or spend pounds for their online protection; thus, this article discusses what can be done to avoid online threats while homeschooling children.

Why is online protection needed while homeschooling?

Take a scenario when you are homeschooling your children and you were still working yourself or fell sick, meaning that you were unable to be with them whilst online or in the evening when they are simply doing homework, are you sure that they would be safe without cyber threats lurking around and waiting to hit them and cause problems? Whether you can answer this or not, your family would still be in danger. Here is why:

  • Kids are getting savvier about bypassing parental controls both online and offline and they dive into sites without understanding or thinking about the potential dangers

  • Social media is overwhelmingly full of bad content and rife with trickiness

  • Malware, ransomware, botnets, and whatnots can infect your computer at any time and steal your personal data as they are getting more sophisticated.

  • Nude sharing followed by blackmailing is increasingly happening among teens often leadi