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Safe Browsing Experiences with partner CleanBrowsing

Kids are getting younger and younger when they first have a smart device of their own and able to access the internet. This causes a lot of worry for parents as they strive to keep their families safe online.

There are simple things to do, you can look at each device which will have some parental controls you can use straight away. Some of the devices within their apps, will also provide access to solutions that you can install and control. These will provide an extra layer of protection, but make sure not to give your kids admin rights as they can undo all the settings and your good work as a parent.

There are many solutions out there that you can also download and use for the protection of your family online. We work with partners CleanBrowsing who have a great content filtering solution that parents can use. They have built and launched their services based on the co-founders passion for the protection of kids online.

They provide some great tips and help on this subject, take a look here.

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