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Why are analytics important for your WiFi service?

There are a lot of reasons to install WiFi at your venue or on your transport network but one that often gets missed is for the importance of advanced customer analytics. Our partners BT WiFi are experts in this field and can help you to really understand your customers for the benefit of your business and sales.

Getting your WiFi right and inclusive of analytic services will enable you to learn more about your customers and how they interact with your business. Can you easily see who your customers are and how often they come to your venue or travel with you. By using a social log in journey, you will be able to understand a lot more about them – their demographic profile, their likes, and dislikes, what brands they follow – all valuable insight to allow you to use the data to engage more effectively.

The analytics service from BT WiFi can show you how many and who is in your venue or travelling with you at any one time which you can also integrate with your other online platforms which provides an omni-channel view of all your customers.

Data is king to get the most out of your WiFi. Talk to the experts at a BT WiFi who will be able additional information on how this can really help you to drive more business and sales. Take a look here.

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