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Stevenage plays safe with new secure wi-fi service

Stevenage is the latest town to take the online safety of its visitors and residents seriously, by having its new town centre wi-fi services certified by Friendly WiFi.

The ‘Friendly WiFi’ logo will assure wi-fi users that the free service, which launched on Monday 6 May, has reached an industry -standard level of content filtering and that access to pornography and child abuse websites, videos and images is blocked.

Stevenage Borough Council has been working with local wi-fi provider West End WiFi to ensure a service is installed that will provide easy access to information about the town and special offers and be able to get the most out of the innovative ShopAppy site which promotes independent retail in the town.

Whilst interaction and services are the key part of the introduction of wi-fi to the town, Stevenage Council wanted to make sure that it was safe and comfortable for all to use and therefore wanted to obtain the Friendly WiFi certification to show users that it is taking positive steps to keep them safe online.

Mike Davies, consultant at Friendly WiFi said: “We are proud to be working with Stevenage Council who have ensured that the Friendly WiFi certification was included in their planning and part of the roll out of the new wi-fi services to the town. We are seeing a growing number of towns and cities who want to keep everyone safe online when using their services. As connectivity plays such a big part of everyone’s lives, whilst shopping, eating and drinking, Stevenage’s commitment to certification recognises the importance of safety online. As an ‘Approved Provider’ of Safe WiFi solutions, West End WiFi work hard to make sure that adequate filtering solutions are made available to all of their clients.”

To use the free wi-fi, users simply choose _SBCWiFi on their phone or tablet’s wi-fi settings and register through the log-in page.


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