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Beware of the latest online scams…

Warnings about online scams are nothing new. Technology provides fraudsters with a shield to hide behind and helps them to simulate genuine situations.

Two scams which have been in the news recently are:

1. Screen-sharing with “investment advisers”

This scam stems from the world having become accustomed to online meetings and screen-sharing, due to remote working during the Pandemic.

Fraudsters posing as financial advisers offer to help people set up new investment schemes via online meeting platforms. They ask their victim to share the screen and enable remote access - which hands over control of the victim’s computer and, potentially, their bank account.

The Financial Conduct Authority estimates that around £25 million has been stolen in this way during the last year!

Make sure that you only share access to your computer with people or companies known to you, and don’t provide anyone with your bank login details. Most bank accounts require multi-factor authentication - for example a code that you receive by text. Don’t ever give that code out to anyone.

2. Fake charity websites

This isn’t a new scam, but there has been a big increase since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Online fraudsters have been using hundreds of fake charity websites to trick people wanting to donate to Ukraine. Some have used the recognised branding of charities such as Save the Children.

Relying on the compassion of people who want to help victims, some of the websites use emotionally charged language, including pretending to be real people in Ukraine in need of help.

The Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulators have urged the public to check the charity’s name and registration number at and to find out as much as possible about the charity before donating. Be particularly careful about clicking on links, and don’t be pressured into donating too quickly.

If you are ever unsure about any communication received STOP. Don’t interact.

Guest Blog kindly supplied by HJS Technology, IT Support, Hampshire

For further information and to contact HJS Technology if you have any questions email: hello@hjstechnology or visit: we are very happy to help.


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