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Fridays awarded Friendly WiFi certification for their UK Restaurants

American-inspired cocktail bar and restaurant chain, Fridays, launches new public WiFi service solution with Friendly WiFi

Each venue now provides easy, speedy and safe online browsing experience for their guests

03 February 2023: American-inspired cocktail bar and restaurant chain, Fridays, is pleased to announce their new certification with Friendly WiFi, providing a safe public WiFi service to all their guests.

The accreditation not only provides an annual independent validation that their service is safe, but also demonstrates Fridays’ commitment to its guests’ online safety while visiting their restaurants. Guests at Fridays are encouraged to come as they are and be their true authentic selves, and for many, having safe and accessible WiFi available is an important part of their experience.

Guests can now access the WiFi service easily, enjoy a fast WiFi connection, and importantly, know that they are able to enjoy a safe online browsing experience. Moreover, parents can enjoy a family meal out with the comfort that their children won’t be exposed to indecent or harmful material whilst using the Fridays WiFi.

Fridays worked with the Friendly WiFi team to ensure it was recognised as having achieved the Government-initiated safe certification standard. Launched by Government in 2014, the Friendly WiFi symbol tells customers those services are meeting agreed minimum filtering standards.

Erica Livermore, Chief Technology Officer for Fridays UK, said: “If filters are not placed on public WiFi services, individuals, including children and young people, are at risk of viewing and accessing inappropriate material. At Fridays we pride ourselves on being a family business and so offering free WiFi services in our venues and being verified by an independent body makes us very proud. It’s a testament to the continuous investment and care the business takes in ensuring our guests enjoy a great experience in a safe environment. Achieving the Friendly Wi-Fi certification is a milestone our team is exceptionally proud of. I would like to thank my team and the Friendly Wi-Fi team for getting us to this point and we look forward to ensuring we maintain the certification in years to come.”

Beverley Smith, Director for Friendly WiFi applauds Fridays UK and said:

“To me Fridays has always been a family brand and one where I took my own children, so I am thrilled to see them implement their values, via their technology, and successfully secure the Friendly WiFi certification. They are clearly passionate about ensuring their guests enjoy their visit, and the Friendly WiFi certification demonstrates their desire to create the best guest experience they can. I hope other hospitality venues recognise and implement the same values where guest WiFi is provided.”

This is further supported by John Carr – Secretary of the UK’s Children Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety (CHIS) who said:

“The Friendly WiFi symbol was designed to help children, young people and adults recognise a service that assures them that the public WiFi that they are accessing is filtered and safe. To parents, the symbol not only gives them confidence that the WiFi is filtered and independently certified, but that the WiFi meets minimum standards and goes a long way to ensuring no-one is unsafe or uncomfortable as they are out and about with their families grabbing a bite to eat.”


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