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Keeping you and your families safe whilst travelling

WiFi is a huge necessity for all of us now and whilst we are traveling is no exception. If you are travelling for work, listening to music or catching up on your favourite services WiFi is a great way to unwind away from the hub bub of work. It is just as important when travelling with kids. There is nothing more stressful than bored kids and giving them the ability to play games or watch their favourite programs makes the journey go quickly and be less stressful and enhance your whole travelling experience.

Trains, buses, whichever mode you choose that offers a good WiFi service will enable you to have a more relaxed journey and make the most of your time. Many transport companies are now investing heavily into their WiFi services to ensure a seamless and fast service with many now also providing entertainment systems and different interactive services – all great additions to your journey.

It is also important to keep yourself and your family safe whilst travelling. The last thing you want to do is sit next to someone who is looking at adult content you feel uncomfortable seeing. Even worse when you have young kids who can see this content and you certainly don’t want them accidently accessing this type of material themselves whilst innocently browsing the internet.

Many companies put a service in place that prevents inappropriate material being accessed by anyone – this keeps you safe, your kids and creates a comfortable browsing environment for all. Many companies do this without any visual indication whilst many companies have opted to become Friendly WiFi certified. This means that they work with our team who check and validate that this type of material is being blocked for the comfort of passengers. You will see the certification symbol on their WiFi landing page proving peace of mind that the WiFi is keeping you safe from exposure to indecent material.

Look for the symbol and if you want to test the WiFi before you or your family use it, use this simple test. Tell us of any concerns here.

Enjoy your journey and keep safe.

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