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First Bus Friendly WiFi Certified

Across the UK, First Bus are providing essential transport services to local communities, connecting families and friends and commuters getting to work. They have been committed to delivering an easy to use and reliable service with technology that makes it simple for their customers to use their network of buses.

As part of their service, they recognised that providing an on onboard WiFi solution was essential to keep passengers connected whilst on the move, whilst making it easy to access their First Bus App – voted ‘best in class’ amongst bus operators. In addition to keeping passengers connected, they have taken a proactive decision to become Friendly WiFi certified across all their WiFi enabled buses.

By being Friendly WiFi certified, First Bus are showing that they are providing a public WiFi network across their fleet that will filter out inappropriate content, including indecent images and advertisements. This shows their commitment to keeping passengers safe online and gives their passengers confidence that the services provided are safe for children to use.

First Bus worked closely with the team at Friendly WiFi to ensure that the correct filters were in place across their WiFi service and were passionate about being awarded the standard to proudly show and communicate this to their passengers. Launched by Government in 2013, the Friendly WiFi symbol tells customers those services are meeting agreed filtering standards.

Beverley Smith, Director for Friendly WiFi added her support by saying:

“As such a key bus operator across the UK and key cities, I am so pleased to see that their passion for customer services and experience flowed through to keeping passengers safe online. They proactively worked with the team to ensure that the standard was being met across their fleet which shows their support for this initiative to ensure users of WiFi are safe wherever they may be. Transport is a sector where there is a high use of WiFi and First Bus have clearly recognised the need for providing a filtered WiFi service for passenger well-being and comfort whilst also recognising how important the standard is in this sector.”

This is further supported by John Carr – Secretary of the UK’s Children Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety (CHIS) who said:

“The Friendly WiFi symbol was designed to help children, young people and adults recognise a service that assures them that the public WiFi that they are accessing is filtered and safe. To parents, the symbol not only gives them confidence that the WiFi is filtered and independently certified, but that the WiFi meets minimum standards and goes a long way to ensuring no-one is unsafe or uncomfortable as they travel.”

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