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Why you should protect the WiFi you provide on your transport network

Whilst using public transport, a WiFi service is now expected, especially as the UK starts to open back up and confidence in travelling returns.

Providing an onboard WiFi service that is safe will not only protect passengers from inappropriate content but it will also protect your network from malicious software and phishing attempts, whilst providing you the capability to manage streaming levels to keep connections and performance at the best possible.

We work with partners CronLab who provide exactly these type of services to the transport sector and the IT companies that provide services also. Their innovative solution provides the ability to control bandwidth usage and what can be seen on the internet plus the level of streaming allowed. The system will also enable you to connect usage to payment systems which helps to get control of costs with reference to mobile data charges from telco operators. All this can be administered centrally with full integration provided by CronLab.

Take a further look at CronLab's services.


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